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Peter Meilke

  • Architects Law
  • Engineering Law
  • Rental and leasing Law (commercial/private)
  • Property Law
  • Public building Law
  • Company Law


Tel:  +49 (0)341-4 77 39 87

Short profile

Peter Meilke has been registered as a lawyer since 1990 after previously working as inhouse counsel and since then he has been a partner at the Leipzig office.

From the start of his legal career Peter Meilke has specialised in advising architects, engineers, small- to medium-sized building companies and companies in the housing industry. He is specialised lawyer (Fachanwalt) for building- and architects law. He also works in all fields of civil and commercial law on an in-court and out-of-court basis.

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Peter Meilke

Personal details

Born 1960, Married, one child

Peter Meilke

Foreign languages

English, Russian

Peter Meilke


Legal studies in Leipzig

Specialised lawyer (Fachanwalt) for building and architects law